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TD/DD High, Mafia XXIX, and milestones, you are all so ungrateful! >:[

skoolmunkee at 10:52AM, June 9, 2010

How about that great newspost Oz made earlier today, huh? :] I couldn't have made it sound that exciting.

Also I'll be gone next week, so I won't be doing a newspost mid-week, though I should be able to do newsposts on the two Sundays- but if you reeeeeeally want to be in a mid-week newspost, send the news to ozoneocean and he might do it for you! It might help if you also send him a bribe, like kittens or boobs.

What is this about a “new and improved Drunk Duck civil war” finally kicking off? is this that TD High you've been hanging around? I told you they are a bad influence! Why, I would just bet that
1. The notorious noob has been kicked out of TD High and the first story arc is almost over!
2. DD High is planning to retaliate soon and TD High is accepting new recruits!

And those Drunk Duck Mafia people, they are even worse! Running around, killing people, such bad influences! I don't know why I let you play with them, maybe I won't let you sign up for DD Mafia XXIX (sign up by Friday!) which is being run by Same, and features a theme of knights versus dark elfses!

Sameth, what did I tell you about Pegwarmers turning 100 comics on the 6th and you having a special page for it? Hmmmmm?

And Anubis of Blood Bound, you are no better! I expected more from you! You assert that the artist is still sane, but Special freebies for your 4 year anniversary? Why I never!

Elektro of Negligence, do you want me to tell your father about this note of yours I found today? I know you are hitting 275 pages today, but that is no excuse for this filth!

This milestone occurs at the very beginning of a story arc about Lizzep's origins. At the same time this is updating. the Negligence filler and fan art page will be uploading colored versions of the same pages as a compare/contrast of sorts (and also to show how the pages would appear in a possible future book, if I can find a print-on-demand that prints landscape format).

phoenyxashe of Eternal Flame, you may have just made the 100 page milestone, but I am going to turn this car right around and just see how you like it!

NightSSc7 of Mayhem: The Comic, why must you make this so difficult?! I work hard every day to provide for this family, and this is how you repay me? By reaching 175 pages and being more active with your comic and site?



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