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Ozoneocean at 1:51AM, March 4, 2010


Vi is Manor is a comic with a hell of a LOT of characters! Most of them live in the same house together; Vi's Manor. Vi is in charge, of the house, the story, everything! Vi's Manor began as an interactive comic, where readers could interact with the characters by typing in questions and things in the comments which would affect what happened in the next page to come up. I don't know if that still happens, but it's still quite an interesting idea and certainly worth checking out! The stories and character actions ARE influenced by current events.

Anyway, the art and writing is all done by By ErrePi, and the text is ALL hand lettered (and there's a lot of it), so give it a little bit of patience. Vi is Manor is a dialogue rich humour comic in a well drawn simplified Manga style. Read Vi is Manor Rated T+

Don't forget Skool's newspost yesterday'!


This is what happened when all the comic milestones turned into cookies…

This must NEVER happen again! >:[



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