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Updating problem still not fixed, sorry... Also, lots of regular news!

skoolmunkee at 2:51PM, March 14, 2010

Update on the broken images/HTML thing- those of you who were adding pages, thumbnails, or editing your custom HTML for a period on Sunday, may have noticed that the images were broken or the HTML wasn't being saved.

Well! That appears to be working again now- except any images that were uploaded then still aren't working. Re-uploading the page (either via Edit or deleting the old one and re-adding) is probably the thing to do to get them showing again! Sorry for the problem, I'm not really clear on what caused it.
-Ozoneocean edit-
Nooo… this problem seems to be happening again. Sorry. :(
We'll try and get it fixed when it's day in the US of A again, ok? :)

…Oh, and don't feed Skoolmunkee too many cookies, no matter how much she begs. If you don't know why, just watch Gremlins. ;)

I'm so bad at remembering to do these newsposts in the middle of the week! I'm sorry everybody who was supposed to be news-posted on Wednesday. :[

karchesky's Imaginary Daughter has died! Er, that just means that the comic has ended. The last page was Wednesday, and the epilogue was posted on Friday. Imaginary Daughter has been a featured comic, so now that the story is complete it's a good time to check it out if you hadn't yet!

On Thursday, Times Like This by PyThomas reached 300 pages! Congrats!

Reaching a gigantic 1,075 pages is KAM's The KAMics! I don't even know what to say.

Stellar is excited because she has finished up page 25 of Anthem, and has posted it for THE WORLD to see! (The World = you). I am guessing Stellar is a girl, apparently Stellar is Stellar's actual name, the things you find out by reading people's profiles huh? Anyway um… go check out that comic!

You know how everyone is back into 3D movies and all lately, right? Well then, it's just natural that you should be magically drawn to check out 3D Glasses, which has hit 50 pages!

Mysteries of the Arcana by jGray turned 25 on Friday! I have been playing too much Dragon Age lately because I saw that title and thought “isn't that a codex entry?” Probably, there are like a million of those entries.

houseofmuses and RoyDuncan100 have what I can only classify as an announce-stravaganza!


The Villain’s Corner broadcasts a new round-table discussion with rising stars of the comic and webcomics universe every Friday night at 10pm (eastern). So if you get a chance, tune ‘em in.

This is the one Roy Duncan proudly acclaims as “The Howard Stern Show of webcomics podcast radio!” This past Friday night's guest was Jay Bradley of Danielle Dark! Hosted by Robert Paul Shelley, Roy Duncan and part-time hostess Deidre Crouch of “Putrid Meat”, if you're not dropping in for the live show, you're missing a great time. You can listen to all the recorded live podcasts at

Next week's guest on the corner will be Lexy of Dear Beau, an illustrated diary. Also on the schedule list is Evenvold of The Baron of Krohagen! TBOK is a featured comic on Drunk Duck. Get a jump on next week's show and check both of these out right now. You can always get the announcements on who's next on the Villain's Corner at

Pam adds, “I'm now the new Executive Producer of The Villains Corner web comic chat. Paul handed me the keys today. Just got off the phone with Roy, and we're going to do everything in our power to make this show bigger and better than ever.

We'll be featuring the best and the brightest in webcomics today. Just contact houseofmuses or royduncan100 to see if you can schedule yourself and your webcomic for interview!”

Sponsored by: House of the Muses and The Villain Next Door



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