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Books, games, milestones, and prepare for the store opening!

skoolmunkee at 12:32PM, March 28, 2010

OK everyone, get your art ready! The launch of the DD Store is imminent, and all you have to do is sign up (it will be linked to your DD account, if you want to use the same username) and upload images! Your buyers will get to choose what to put it on. I believe the maximum number you can have right now is 25, so only pick your best ones. :] We reccommend a minimum of 150dpi (up to 300) and I'm not sure whether there is a maximum file size or not… I know that gif and jpg are accepted, and png probably is too.

Some of the products on offer:
Smaller prints (postcards, photos), larger prints (11x14, 12x18), sticker sheets (multiples of same image), puzzles, greeting cards, mousepads, wraparound mugs, and so forth!

Expect an announcement very soon once the store is open! (Remember, you will need a Paypal account to make a store. It's how all the purchases are done.)

carolyn's The Horribles has a new graphic novel available which can be purchased here!

DAJB has a double announcement!

Firstly, Shades has hit another milestone: 225 pages! This is an important milestone since, with less than 25 pages to go until the end of the story, this will be its last milestone ever. (Well, except for the one saying it's finished, obviously!)

Secondly, those nice people over at Difference Games have put together a little “spot the difference” game based on Shades. Specifically, it covers Rebecca Allen's trials in the spirit world - spooky stuff (but fun to play!)

On Monday, shaneronzio's CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS reaches a big ol' 1300 pages!

Public Humiliation by rmccool has reached 1101 (that's one more than 1000) pages! He says he's not out of ink yet!

smbhax has just posted the 500th page of Supermassive Black Hole A*! Man, so many big milestones today!

On Saturday, Hyperactive Comics (by hyperactive comics) reached page 275!

TV Man has reached 1 year of age, as of Friday! Aleks55 wants everyone to cheer for his glory. :]

alwinbot's Alwin of The Bots reaches 100 pages as part of a massive 15-page update!



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