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The perfect newspost to read over some turkey day leftovers!

skoolmunkee at 10:35AM, Nov. 26, 2010

The first of the Drunk Duck member interviews is in! These two were super speedy. :] And they are great! I know it's a slow weekend, but that's all the more reason to check it out and let them know what you think! usedbooks interviews Hunchdebunch (creator of Last of the Wilds, Quest for Zanvadas, and others)! An excerpt:

Time for a hypothetical. If you went on a magical vacation to any of your comic worlds, where would you go, with whom would you associate, and what would you do?

I think I’d actually choose to go to the world of Patronus, an idea I’m still planning out!

But if I had to choose from one of my comic that’s on here, I’d have to say Quest For Zanvadas. I’d love to fly around in a spaceship, visiting different planets. I also think that Varin and…some other characters who will be coming into it soon…would be a right laugh to hang out with! I think we’d probably end up getting into all sorts of trouble, to be honest!

What would you bring me back as a souvenir? (I know you’d bring me something because we’re bestest friends now.)

I think it’d have to be either some space rock, or some exotic alien food! Or perhaps both!

As if Thanksgiving wasn't special enough, it was also the day that the Drunk Duck Mafia Comic (run by Niccea) reached 325 pages! If that's not worth eating a turkey for, I don't know what is.

Today, Genejoke's Malefic hits 150 pages! Woo and indeed hoo! Turkey sandwiches for everyone!

Also as of today, we've got 75 pages for Soul Symphony by SoulSymph! You know what makes my soul sing? Mmmm sweet potatoes…

kelinor's webmanga Gifted has reached the 100 page mark! Who cares if it took 3 years? Some things are better once they have had a chance to sit- like cold pumpkin pie, num!



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