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DD's 100,000th member, milestones, and MAFIA is back!

skoolmunkee at 3:45PM, Sept. 14, 2010

I bet you're wondering, “I wonder how many registered users Drunk Duck has?” Unless of course you cheated by reading the title of this newspost. Well your wonderings are answered! We have 100,000! That's more people than live in a lot of midwestern towns! Wouldn't a town full of comic book creators/readers be cool? I think so, except maybe the conventions would be a bit much for me. I can only take so much nerdiness. What was I talking about? Oh yeah! Congratulations no1mumbler on being DD's hundred-thousandth member! You'd better be cool. NO PRESSURE.

Today, Anubis's Blood Bound (the quick and nasty comic designed to last a total of 20 pages or so) reaches 500 pages! Anubis adds, “Now if only Jinni would stop beating the artist with a hammer things would be perfect!” Sounds painful. :I


Mafia is BACK! This time I (Kroatz (The Dexter)) run a Marvel vs DC game. I encourage everyone to join the game, and possibly even win it! Sign ups stop friday!



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