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More news! A contest! Also there are a lot of pirate-talking people around today!

skoolmunkee at 8:00AM, Sept. 19, 2010

Contest - I just started Round 1 of the 2010 edition of my “Create-a-Character Contest” which will run until mid-October. People are invited to vote on aspects that will help create a brand new character for Apple Valley. Each vote is also an entry for a drawing that will be held at the end of the contest where people can win signed prints from Apple Valley, guest comics/art from me, and a chance to help name the new character. The link to the contest is on the front page of Apple Valley, or (for round 1, anyway), they can just go straight to here!

Byth1's The Legends has hit the 25 comic milestone! Um…. ARRRR

Also reaching 25 pages is A Child Led Astray by Hunchdebunch! Yarg!

Hark! Or maybe Avast! NightSSc7's Mayhem the Comic has just hit 225!

The Chronicles of Wyrden by Doctor Shadow and Reva Flynn reaches 300 pages on Monday! I refuse to say ‘savvy!’

And on TUESDAY (people still talking like a pirate on Tuesday will be keelhauled), Apple Valley by Kallisti hits the 150 pages mark! (Same guy doing the contest mentioned earlier!) Yarrrrrr



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