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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> The Beast Legion

Ozoneocean at 12:25AM, Sept. 23, 2010

The land of Lithopia has been free and peaceful these last 30 years… but that's all about to change now. The planets are aligning and there's nothing the king can do to avert the prophecy… The Shadow Nexus will return and once again plunge the kingdom into terrible WAR! Unless the young prince can master the skills to save his people. The Beast Legion is a black and white epic fantasy adventure by JazylH.

Read The Beast Legion, rated T+!


Also, don't forget Skool's important news posts about the DD redesign!

DrunkDuck is getting a redesign! Kinh (srhdt) at Wowio has posted several images representative of the revamp the website will be getting in October- the first stage of a longer program of upgrades, changes, and adding features! I'm sure he'd be interested in your comments, so stop by the thread, have a look and share your thoughts!
and don't forget this part about the return of DD on Twitter!

Also, the DrunkDuck twitter has started up again, and I'm the one feeding them the tweets…. for now it's mainly stuff you can get in the newsposts, but what kind of things would you be interested in seeing tweeted? Interesting forum threads? People looking for guest comics etc? Cool comics we've found but haven't featured? Send me a PQ!



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