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QUACKCAST Episode 23 - And Then He Said, Let There Be Characters!

Ozoneocean at 8:56AM, April 19, 2011

This time Skool and Oz talk about the fine art of character creation- With lots and lots of input from the words of other DD creators!
Listen to QUACKCAST Episode 23 - And Then He Said, Let There Be Characters!

Featured Comic:

Organized around Scott McCloud's criteria of Inner Life, Visual Distinction, and Expressive Traits

Inner Life:
- Personality, origin, and purpose
- As a source of conflict
- “character creation lists”
- Archetypes and stereotypes
- Pro- and antagonists
- Mary Sues
- Thematic development
- Research into historical elements

Visual Distinction:
- Beyond hair and clothes
- Face and body shapes
- Color traits and distinguishing design elements
- Basing on themes, animals, etc
- Ease of production

Expressive Traits:
- Character model sheets
- Body carriage
- Facial expression
- Quirks, speech patterns, etc
- Character preferences

Advice from the community:
From this thread -
How do you approach character creation?
And these people -
- ozoneocean
- DarkGesen
- Hunchdebunch
- usedbooks
- Dodger
- demontales
- kyupol
- Nicotine
- Faliat
- Gunwallace
We would've done more but we ran out of time.

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