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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> Dungeon Hordes

Ozoneocean at 9:36AM, April 21, 2011

Tiggz and tomes and two level 5 bosses in a Dungeon Hoardes RPG game. Tiggz is a mighty black knight and tomes is a dangerous bandit chief, together they stride across the world wreaking havoc and destruction to all and sundry! …well they would if they weren’t just puny level 5s who spend all their time fighting dangerous warbunnies and omni-digesting gelatinous cubes of evil. Dungeon Hoards is a humorous 4 panel comic strip (sometimes 3), with a console RPG theme, all from the perspective of two cute bad guys. The art is pure black and white. The figures are short, slightly dwarfish, stocky and deformed and intensely cute and lovable. To sum this comic up it’s just basically cute and funny! By Demongrinder, rated E

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