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One two three FOUR announcements! Ah-ah!

skoolmunkee at 1:23PM, April 29, 2011

Firstly, we've got an update to the 2011 DD Voice Contest Radio Play! You can now send script submissions (through May 15th), to compete to be *the* script used for the radio play! There's some guidelines so you'll want to check out that thread, but there's a ton of possibilities (and should appeal especially to the writers here on DD!)

BSP_Curt is running a sort of art contest, where the winner receives an original inked page of his webcomic Curse of the Black Terror (scary)! You can use just about any medium you like (including cosplay) to redesign a public domain character! More details are on the latest update of his comic, you only have until June!

We've got a new community project underway, being run by Asbin- DD Original Character Group Photo. The concept is simple (and easy to join into)! Send a picture of one or two of your characters, and they'll all be put into one big group picture (like a wallpaper)!

And this last one isn't a full community project yet, but Niccea is trying to gauge interest in a summertime Secret Santa, so if you'd be interested head over to that thread and leave your reply!



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