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Community Spotlight, DD Awards Need YOU, Wowio update (kinda), milestones!

skoolmunkee at 11:32AM, Aug. 26, 2011

Today's Community Spotlight person was chosen by ozoneocean!

Ayesinback has been with us only JUST over a year now and in that time she has become a central pillar, much loved and respected member of the community! A fact which I mentioned to her in person when I saw her a couple of weeks ago in Manhattan.
Ayes is always there to offer sage advice, lend support to community members and is the architect and captain of the now annual DD voice contest (second year running!). This year of course the project is “Maxwell McDuff: Private Eye, in Karaoke Caper”, an old style radio play.
Stay tuned here for details!

(And don't forget, you guys are absolutely welcome to nominate people too!)

Drunk Duck Awards 2011!
Niccea is trying to get the DD Awards rolling, yaaay! I had thought they just weren't going to happen this year because of all the upheaval. Anyway this event is a big favorite of the site, but it needs lots of people to make it happen! Volunteers are needed for all kinds of things, but right now Niccea is doing a “planning restart” and on the 28th (just a few days from now) will open the Design an Award contest! So, if you want to support the awards, please let Niccea know and/or stop by some of the threads in the DD Awards forum. :]

Some of you have noticed that Wowio has been pretty quiet this month, so I'll repost here what I posted in the forums:

Unfortunately Wowio is operating under severe financial constraints right now. A number of (generally unavoidable) things have happened all at the wrong time for them recently and as a result they've had to pretty much put everything on hold starting a few weeks ago. So there won't be any developments to the site until they can get that sorted. We've been assured that DD is a very high priority for them and they have big plans for improving it, but they can't do any of them right now. Lawrence can't really estimate when they will either. Sorry guys, I know it sounds bad, and it's not the best news with the site still somewhat incomplete right now. I wish it was different and I'm sure the people at Wowio wish it was too- talking to Lawrence was pretty difficult because we could tell how horrible and stressed he feels about it. There is some other stuff going on too but I don't know if I can talk about it. I should mention that Kinh (srhdt) has left Wowio for now, and as he was the main communicator it is likely there won't be as much Wowio presence on getsatisfaction etc.

People are still posting pages, working on community projects, and checking out their favorites even though it seems a bit slow here because of the forum inactivity (and admittedly some comics have left during the changeover.) We still have a pretty great site here. The core elements of the site work fine (if some things less preferably than before) and Oz and I will continue to admin the site, do features, etc. since there is always a need for that. I suppose what people decide to do right now will depend on their level of tolerance for the current issues which need resolving and how much faith they have that things will pick up again soon. I'm personally convinced that as soon as they are able to get back to DD, they will, but I know that other people's situations, priorities and information may differ greatly from my own.

On Wednesday, Darwin's The Only Half Saga reached page 300! Stop by and say congrats!

And today, Typical Strange by Banes hit 100 pages! Banes says that the 100th page is extra special and also will end the most recent story arc!

Also today, it's 500 pages for Dark Pascual's Shaman Quest! He says, “Thanks so much to everybody for the support and hope you stick around for the next 500 pages! Cause the best is yet to come!!!”

Gunwallace's featured comic Character Development has reached 375 pages of Playmobil dungeon adventures for grownups!

Speaking of featured comics, Crossoverkill hits its 100th page this week! Says DDer xmung, “Crossoverkill is a superhero crossover featuring a whole heap of supers from the Duck and beyond. We're having a blast with the story so far and we're only at least half way… so here's to at least another 100 more!”

Allyndn announces that his comic Found Art has "cleared 250 pages since February 2010 and I'm pretty happy about that. I started the comic not having done any comic related work (aside from a compositing job for NinPower magazine in the 1990s) since high school. The early issues show me learning the craft as I went along, but I'm really happy with the work of the last few months." I think that is definitely something to be proud of!



gene hole at 11:25AM, Aug. 28, 2011

ayes shines.

Banes at 7:07AM, Aug. 28, 2011

The ayes have it!

Genejoke at 12:14AM, Aug. 27, 2011

A worthy xspotlight, time to shine Ayes.

ayesinback at 6:17PM, Aug. 26, 2011

Wow. I'm blown away. This really means a lot to me. Thank You! btw: I'm psyched about this broadcast AND comic. I hope you'll all like it (if not -- there are SO MANY people to blame - kidding)

FormerDDer at 1:40PM, Aug. 26, 2011

Three cheers for the czarina!

I Am The 1337 Master at 11:39AM, Aug. 26, 2011

Go ayesinback! :)

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