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Vanguard and Character Development milestones, House of the Muses plans a Kickstarter

skoolmunkee at 7:38AM, Dec. 3, 2011

On Friday, MrHades's Vanguard turned 2 years old! Huzzah!

gunwallace's Character Development has reached 475 pages!

from houseofmuses:

Here’s the day so many readers around the world have been waiting for! Join the Kickstarter campaign to produce House of the Muses worldwide in high-quality paperback editions through Lightning Source/Ingram Books!

What’s in it for you? Wait and see! There will be many donation incentives–hot stuff for collectors!–according to tiers of what you are willing and able to contribute: autographed limited editions, sleek autographed prints, t-shirts, mugs and more!

The paperback versions of House of the Muses will be a few pages longer–offering behind the scenes features, character vignettes, gods info, and fanart not available in the comic book, Amazon Kindle and Wowio versions!!
So what have you got to lose? Be back here in January when the House of the Muses Kickstarter campaign launches!



houseofmuses at 9:26AM, Dec. 3, 2011

Skool, you're the best! Thank you

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