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skoolmunkee at 12:01AM, Dec. 26, 2011

The story begins with a rather gulllible knight, who is a lion, confronting an only slightly less credulous knight, who is a wolf, and advised by a somewhat devious but still fairly dumb monk, who is a mouse. Now they're all highly devout, and somehow they trick themselves into going together on a quest to Africa to recover the remains of Saint Bernard. Which probably aren't even there. In case you couldn't tell, this comic is fairly silly and you could probably class it as a “misadventure.” It's got a likeable sketchy style with distinct characters (the rabbit captain in particular is… striking). A fun little read- I hope there are lots more pages to come!

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Abt_Nihil at 8:38AM, Dec. 30, 2011

Somehow, this comic is similarly silly as your (= skoolmunkee's) own stuff. Which is good! Which is good. Good.

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