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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> Death and the Fairy

Ozoneocean at 11:57PM, Feb. 2, 2011

Kaye is the grim Reaper. A stupid accident killed the last one… It was Kaye's fault and now he's going to pay for it. Luckily he has a sexy Tooth Fairy to guide him in his new job! Death and the Fairy is a funny comedy manga by Sama and Oneblackpaper. It's drawn in a trad manga style and it even reads right to left (due to the requirements of their publisher), but it's not so bad because there aren't many panels. the art is mostly all black and white, but I cheated by showing a colour pic from the cover because that's one sexy pic! Read Death and the Fairy, Rated T+

Read Death and the Fairy

And don't forget: Quackcast Episode 13: The Many Ways to Not Work on Your Comic

Oz and skool discuss their first disagreement on a feature, cementing skool's image as “the evil one”. They then get into a lengthy discussion about the loosely related topics of filler, fan art, and artist/writer's block.

* Featured Comic: Magellan
* Featured Comic: Aliens Anonymous
* Filler: What is it? Why do it? When it's good and when it's bad
* Fan art: Its many uses, positives and negatives, different methods, and fan art ettiquite
* Artist and writer's block: Why it might occur, why it's normal, and advice on how to get out of it.



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