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More Monday news! Extra-large Mafia! New contest! Cool member interview in mp3 format! More!

skoolmunkee at 12:40AM, Feb. 14, 2011

It's the 40th Mafia game, and in Roman numerals, that's XL! So sign up for some extra-large Mafia! Being XL and fast food themed, Product Placement will welcome as many signups as his poor heart can stand!

And ghostrunner has a contest announcement for his comic, grin ‘n’ spirit!

howdy folks, and welcome to the first “what would ghost say” contest! all you have to do is either post, pq, or even email me what you think ghost would be saying in the last panel. it might be horrible, it might be ghastly, but with out a doubt it needs too be funny. and to make certain that this contest is judged fairly I WONT EVEN BE THE ONE JUDGING! yep, thats right, our very own moderator ozone ocean will be on hand to pick the winner… and deny that i have him chained in the basement (incidentally i was cleared of those charges) so without further adue here's the rules.

1) keep it pg-13 at least.
2) you have until 12:01 am eastern on thursday to submit to be considered.
3) it has to be a paragraph or less. clues for the action in this panel is on page 874 going live tuesday on dd or live now at

that's it. the prize from this is ahem… one fully colored peice of art by me. you want your character done? no problem. some of mine? no problem either. an avatar? a logo? heh i've done them all. i do request if you want any of my characters done that you keep your requests PG. and thats it! my email is publishcomic (at) with any luck this contest will go better than the m-paranormal “6 feet or under” limbo contest. >_>

We've got another DD member interview! This one is super special, it's in mp3 format because they did it as a conversation! (Probably over Skype or something). Perfect for listening to as you work on your comic or something! elektro and Salsa interview each other! elektro's comics are Negligence, Cubicle and others, and Salsa has a “coming soon” AC 12 666 Sympathy For The Devil!

They did not sound like I expected! I um… I don't know what I expected them to sound like really. I think all internet people sound like robots maybe. It is cool just to hear what they sound like, internet people are real people too. :O

I can't really quote it here (because transcription is like ugh) but here are some highlights!
- cynicism in elektro's comics and just how dark he can get
- Salsa describes the Mafia games, how they work, and how the people who play it are a bunch of turkeys
- Salsa's comic page template design (you can use it too!)
- good-natured grumping about Drunk Duck's coding quirks and server moves
- their real-life jobs (or lack of) and employment annoyances
- Salsa's favorite webcomics
- The death of the English language and horrible internet stuff
- Stuff they want to promote! Mafia, contests, books, etc!

PUTRID MEAT by PIT_FACE has hit a glorious 150 pages!

And at 50 pages is Genejoke's Underbelly! Genejoke will have another milestone soon too… he's quite a productive guy! If you don't check them out now you'll just start falling behind!

As of February 15 Attack of the Robofemoids will hit 100 pages. It's an extra update to clear the hurdle and after St. Valentine's day so as not to interfere with what can be very a traumatic day.

The story is about two-thirds over and it's all explosions, gunfire and boobs going forward.



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