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THURSDAY'S FEATURE --> Modest Medusa

Ozoneocean at 12:02AM, Feb. 17, 2011

Poor little Medusa is finding it very hard to make new friends… but blocking up Jake's toilet, flooding his entire house and leaving all his stuff smelling of pee probably wasn't a good start. Medusa has snakes for hair, big black eyes and a snaky fishy tail, she hails from the magical land of Yeld. Jake is a big guy with a beard and a house that smells of pee, thanks to SOMEbody… Oh, and there are also two mermaids with big boobs. The art is lovely and rounded and stylised, in colour as well and black and white and even grey! Modest Medusa is a cartoon humour comic strip by Jake Richmond. Updates three times a week, rated T+

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