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A new DD member interview and some milestones! Lovely weekend reading!

skoolmunkee at 4:22AM, Feb. 18, 2011

Everybody! Everybody! A new DD member interview has arrived and is ready for you to devour like a delicious dessert! So today's special is DarkGesen interviews I Am the 1337 Master, of I Am, Crap2, Paint Force Assemble and others! What's that you say? You want a little taste before you order the whole thing? Here you go!

4. One of your comics, 13 A Short Story Collection depicts a ten year old girl being driven to suicide. That’s pretty deep. What drove you to draw this? (and what happens in the end? Did she die?)

I personally love f*cked up stuff and to mess with my characters so much. In other short stories I’ve written I’ve: cut apart a woman and then had her husband shoot himself and then both the bodies be raped by a neighbor who I let on that they are going to suffer the same fate the next night, an insane little boy kill his family because his imaginary friend told him to, and had a kid kill his best friend by melting her to her bare skeleton but not be dead yet until he rips out her heart but not actually be done (I haven’t written the sequel yet).

So yeah…

Her mother lets her hang in the end and that’s the cruelest thing I could think of for that story so I used it.

One day I will color those pages and draw the other stories I planned for that by the way.
I’m not THAT disturbed guys…


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The very productive Genejoke's The Hero Factor, the super hero reality TV talent show comic, reaches 50 pages on the 19th!

My comic Sketchy just reached page 300

…and has also just recently begun a chapter called “Mercenary & Mariachi,” a tale of south-of-the-border adventure and heartwarming male bonding! In Mexico I mean!



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