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Comic advertising workshop, and just a few more milestones

skoolmunkee at 3:27AM, Feb. 27, 2011

Maybe some of you missed this since it's in the Advertising subforum, but ShadowsMyst has started a thread where, if you are looking at doing advertising, she can help figure out opportunities, target audience, etc! SM's comic advertising workshop.

It's a little similar to the earlier thread to identify target audience, but naughty people have just filled that up with their own comics wanting analysis and not helped analyse others, so this new thread will hopefully be more focused and useful for people who are REALLY serious, and not just the lazy and curious. :]

At 100 pages is The Rose Killer by Nicotine! Surely anything produced by an addictive substance must be good!

Brother Zag's Vatican Assassin hit page 75! A couple of weeks ago! (Which means it has even more pages to read now!)

That's it for today!



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