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Comic ending, milestone, and Mafia recruitment!

skoolmunkee at 1:05AM, Jan. 14, 2011

If anyone is getting these news updates via the new RSS feed, is it behaving strangely for you? I keep getting super old newsposts sent to me multiple times, pretending to be new ones…

My ‘supposedly 24 hour comic that was actually done in 8 hours’, A Boring Life, has finished being uploaded :) If people like light-hearted comics with monsters and a pessimistic main character, it's worth checking out!

HiNaTa_fan_13's Butterfly Enigma reaches 25 pages today! Congrats!

And lastly, Salsa would like more players to sign up for the next game of MAFIA!
I will also incorporate any zany, crazy, inane, asinine, and otherwise weird request you may have into the narrations, if I can. Keep it clean please.

First person to submit an action or vote each cycle gets to request a drawing, which will be displayed in the next narration, quality may be suspect, but I will try my best.



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