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Are we back to normal yet? Can I post some milestones? Yes I can!

skoolmunkee at 5:56AM, Jan. 23, 2011

Okay! Last week was a bit chaotic with the server move and ensuing issues, but it seems to have taken this time, which is good! Most of the issues have been resolved, and the last few should be cleared up soon. This paves the way for future developments to the site! So thank you everyone for your patience and for hanging in there.

If you still see little issues and so forth though, please do keep reporting them, because some might have gone unnoticed so far.

But now it's time for some milestones!

MeHighLow and MandaWeave are proud to anounce that Weave has reached 100 pages!

Hyperactive Comics (by hyperactive comics) has posted its 325th page this week!

Lopriest has reached page 75 on Dark Sisters!

Also at 75 pages (on Monday) is Carbon and Space by dcole!

My webcomic "Pegwarmers" turns 200 on Wednesday January 26th. I'm planning on doing a special for it. (Possibly a drawn comic as opposed to the normal photographs.)



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