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All kinds of news - Updates and Bug reporting, Help section, milestones, publishing opportunity!

skoolmunkee at 5:30AM, July 23, 2011

There's a lot of things going on right now! Things are a little chaotic, but hang in there. They believe they've fixed the server-side 502/504 errors… but I'm a little afraid saying anything will jinx it now.

I hope you've all been reading the recent newsposts regarding the site updates, bug fixes, etc!

You can report bugs or design errors in this thread! (Let's keep suggestions for the future and complaints out of it though, just to keep it simpler.) I am trying to keep the first post updated with a big list of all the reported bugs so far. And Wowio is working on getting them all fixed!

I'm working on a basic Help site for The Duck! It's not complete but I'll be adding bits and pieces to it, so you may find some answers regarding the new features there. If you want to reach it, the little “HELP” link in your user sidebar on the right (next to LOGOUT) will go there!

PLEASE check out The Silver Eye, our most recent feature! It's a really great comic and I would feel awful if the site disruption means that Lostie815's featuring doesn't have much impact. Read her comic, leave her comments!

OK- so we've got our old PQs back! But I've lost the new ones people sent in the meantime… so if you sent me a PQ on the new site (some of you did!), I've lost it and I have no idea what I was supposed to announce. So please resend it!


Typical Strange by Banes reached 50 pages a few weeks ago, but I couldn't announce it because of the site changeover downtime! So here it is, belatedly. :] Congrats!

gurukitty's Daqueran is many pages past 125 now and is in its last chapter!

She also announces that Gurukitty Studios is accepting submissions for an anthology project called Ghost Tales - see their website for full details! All comic artists are welcome to submit works for possible inclusion in their printed book!



Elanor Pam at 4:55PM, July 25, 2011

This just occurred me as I uploaded pages... where do I see the number of pages I have uploaded, now? The old Duck numbered our list of pages, which made it very easy to know when a milestone was approaching, but the new one doesn't. I always checked my milestones through the list number...

I Am The 1337 Master at 1:07PM, July 23, 2011

not to be really negative but I doubt the 502/504's will be gone forever. glad that they are for now though. :)

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