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Lots of super great community stuff to do!

skoolmunkee at 8:05AM, July 31, 2011

Let's work on getting the community back in order and being active again! A great place to start is the DD Radio Play! ayesinback has given out the parts for the players and production is in process (exciting!!!) BUT….. they're still looking for artists to contribute to the transform the script into a comic part which Ally Haert is heading up! Head over to that thread I just linked to see what pages are still available!

More community opportunities after this “milestones” break!

On Friday, Hephaestus by selecthumor reached its 125th page! Hephaestus is the premiere comic about the ironmongering god of denim overalls and welding facemasks (a.k.a. the Greek god of fire and smithery). You know, the guy who makes Zeus's thunderbolts, goddesses' girdles, and golden toothpicks? Also he can light his cigarette with his thumb.

selecthumor is also running a contest for Hephaestus- all you have to do is ty pe a catchy description for a Team Fortress 2 hat (named after Hephaestus's hat) which is 80 characters or less! It's that easy! And you could win a free commission (colored/non-colored) just by entering!

Master the Tiger by PaulEberhartd has just reached 100 pages, “not counting fillers and stuff.” To celebrate, he's started a little experiment! Oooh! Readers may ask any member of his comic's cast any question. Then he'll try and answer as many of them as possible on a special page coming up in a few weeks! So head over to his comic and participate!

So, getting back to community stuff….!

Firstly, have you noticed we have a new Marketplace forum? This is the place you can post if you want to promote your merch store, offer commissions, have adspace to sell, etc.! I think we've needed a place like this for a while, so if you've got something that fits you should head over!

Secondly, there's been a number of threads lately in the Networking and Community Projects forum where people are looking for artists, writers, editors, team members, etc. Working with other creators is a great way to get some experience and get involved in cool projects… so you should at least give it a look!

More specifically, the community project Lite Bites (run by Genejoke) is always on the lookout for artists to help illustrate short stories! Most are about six pages or so and open to any art style. These are scripts which have been contributed by other community members… so it sort of ends up being like a little collective!

And you haven't forgotten about the Duck and Quail community comic, have you???? It's simple- take the site's mascots (Duck and Quail), make a doofy comic with them, and send it to VegaX who will post it up in the comic! Things are a-changin' around here, but there's no reason to abandon these little guys!



Banes at 7:52AM, Aug. 1, 2011

Thanks, Luminous. Good stuff!

Luminous at 6:50PM, July 31, 2011

@Banes - Because Ally's link includes "index.php", which used to work, but with the new site, doesn't work anymore. Just go to

Banes at 12:24PM, July 31, 2011

Hi - Good idea to push for more community stuff! When I follow the link to read the DD radio play script, I get a blank page!

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