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A whole slew of news! (Some of it belated, sorry!)

skoolmunkee at 10:38AM, June 5, 2011

Really sorry some of this news is a bit delayed, I've been kind of busy! I'll do better, I promise! :]

Signups for Mafia XLV: Return to Townstonia are ON! And it sounds super creepy:

The village of Townstonia is in ashes. The ravens feed upon the flesh of the fallen. Only the faint howls of the damned are heard in eerie twilight.

But the ravens are far from alone.

A dark figure strides into the square, once vibrant and thriving, now reeks with rot and death. He pulls a tome from his concealing robes and begins to recite the ancient words. Power, dark and ravenous, sweeps from his out stretched hand and into the blood-stained ground. The earth groans, then shrieks, in protest as vast caverns, towering spires, and imposing walls flowed into existence.

His work finished, the dark figure places an enchantment on the door.

“To all those who wish to test their strength, to all those who wish for treasure beyond their wildest dreams, to all those who dare, I beckon you,” the man chants as he does his work.

He smiles as he settles into his throne. For the Dark Lord Salsa, this is only the beginning.

usedbooks is kicking off a Used Books Grand Opening Fan Art Contest for her comic Used Book's new mirror site! Winners get publicity and adspace, Deadline is June 21st!

itsjustaar tells me that Keeping Up With Thursday has surpassed 50 pages, as well as the end of Issue 2! Issue 3 will begin in just a few days (and he can't wait to continue!) so keep an eye on it!

On Friday the 3rd, Vanguard by MrHades reached 75 pages! Congrats!

And a bit further back on Wednesday (gosh I am late with this newspost…) Carnivore Canival by Aurora Borealis hit 100 pages!

MAG-ISA by kyupol is at a big 475 pages! Well done! :D

Also (terribly late also, sorry!) we've got 100 pages for selecthumor's Hephaestus! Keep them coming!

Midnight TV's featured comic Paranatural has reached 50 pages, congrats!

Space: The Comic by KDog reached its 400th comic last week!



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