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Duck & Quail, contests, HotM print ad opportunity, DD Awards, Radio Play, milestones and more!

skoolmunkee at 11:21AM, June 19, 2011

VegaX has not only dug up and reposted the old Duck and Quail community mini-comics, but is inviting people to make their own! It's a great time to do so, with the imminent relaunch- we're all attached to the Duck and I'm sure you've got a corny joke or two up your sleeve?

It's not too late to contribute to the Used Books Grand Opening Fan Art Contest!

JustNoPoint is starting up the machinery for the 2011 Drunk Duck Awards! He's started off discussion about the categories- surely YOU have some input??

And don't forget to send in your tryout recordngs for the DD Radio Play! Only a few days left!

The House of the Muses series goes to paperback worldwide this summer. I have ad space! Advertise your comic, webcomic, group, comic shop, podcast radio show or service now! These are the most reasonable ad rates you will ever find–anywhere. I will also design ads free of charge if copy, logos, photos and/or other graphics and fonts are supplied.
Consider this a perfect opportunity to gain unprecedented exposure for your comic, podcast, comic review site or service!! House of the Muses is available in paperback, ebook, Google ebooks, Kindle and other formats, and will be available on iTunes late this summer!
This will be the most affordable yet wide-reaching advertising you will buy this year! Check it out.

It's that time once again. The time when I take a break form watching re-runs of Family Ties to alert you to the fact that my comic, Kids With Gas Eat Free, has reached yet another milestone as of today, Thursday. The milestone in question, in this case, is 175 strips.
Whoops, I was a little late with that one! Sorry popvoxmusic. :I

Scorpion451's The Greening Wars has reached 50 pages and going strong! He says a case of the fly delayed the page a little, but give him a break, it's hard to work on a comic when you can't see straight. :] Glad you're feeling better Scorpion451!

On June 20, Attack of the Robofemoids, the 2010 winner of Best Photocomic in the Drunk Duck awards, reaches 150 pages.

Attack of the Robofemoids will be concluding July 21 when it runs out of things to blow up.



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