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Community projects (scavenger hunt!), Bad Guy High ending, lotsa milestones!

skoolmunkee at 9:50AM, June 22, 2011

Snevilly is hoping to generate some interest in talking about different kinds of contests for fun and networking… to see what others are interested in doing, and get some questions answered if more people pop in and respond! So check out the thread for that here. And,

From that, there was a lot of interest in running a scavenger hunt, so I made a separate thread to talk about that. (If people are interested, I want to promote it, but I always didn't want it taking over the original thread.) The scavenger hunt isn't for sign ups, but for planning. The sign up process will be private because of the nature of the game/contest.
OK? You know what you must do!

Friday, June 24th, is Bad Guy High's 500th and final page. I've worked on this comic for a very long time and am very proud to see it finished. I've always appreciated the tremendous support I've received from the Drunk Duck community, and I'd really appreciate it if anyone who felt so inclined would leave a comment and say what they've thought of BGH over all these years. Thank you!
You heard the man!

There is a contest running for Harkovast, where people can win sweet Harkovast swag! Swag you can drink out of! This link tells you all about how you can make your wildest dreams come true! (By winning a very difficult Harko trivia quiz!)

On Tuesday, Genejoke's primarily community comic buffet Lite Bites hit 125 pages! “With page three of the fantasy parody ”Randon spleenage." And if you're not curious about that, I dunno what to tell you.

Also on Tuesday, Un Re Stop Comics by lagoticspy reached 200 pages!

At 425 pages is Chernobog's featured comic Arachnid Goddess!

Gunwallace's new project Utterly Rucked (the rugby/horror comic done with Playmobil toys) has reached 25 pages!

Also at the 25 pages milestone we've got The Bluenoser by darrell!

Niccea is pretty sure that the Drunk Duck Mafia comic has hit 700 pages, now that she is all caught up and posting stuff up as she gets it!



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