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Site changeover soon, Radio Play casting votes and call for art, Mafia signups, community stuff

skoolmunkee at 11:03AM, June 26, 2011

I hope you guys haven't forgotten that the rescheduled changeover for the new site is THIS FRIDAY! There will be some more announcements coming up in regards to that, but just keep it in mind. The data migrations are happening already behind the scenes (and perhaps account for the site slowness/logout issues lately) and there will likely be some outtage time while technical things are switched over. If the changeover starts on Friday like they hope, I wouldn't expect DD to be available over the weekend. So prepare/save anything you think needs it- custom HTML, side pages and files, etc.

It's EXTREMELY unlikely they will delay the site move again, barring some backend technical failure. The new site is functional enough and the old site is DYSfunctional enough that at this point it's better to deal with a couple incomplete features and rough edges on the new than keep limping along with the old.

Signups have begun for MAFIA XLVI: META-MAFIA! This one is being GMed by Anthony Mercer, and the setup is that kids at a party playing Mafia actually begin murdering each other in a for-reals mafia game… Who will you be, the Smart Kid? The Generous Kid? The Spotty Kid? One of the Gatecrashers?

ayesinback has been busy as a bee managing the Radio Play, and she's announced…. It's voting time for the 2011 DD Radio Play! Smart, generous, fun-loving people have contributed voice tryouts for the various parts… and now it is time to decide who makes up the final cast! Head to that link I posted, listen to the entries, and submit your votes via PQ to ayesinback (in the format she requests, please). YOU will determine the outcome of the Radio Play! I'm not sure what the deadline is, but if I were you I'd do my best to get them in before Friday, when the website starts changing over.

She's also posted a list of the people contributing their voice talents… maybe you will have some fun guessing who's who? (I'm sure that's part of the contest idea, so keep your guesses in mind, you'll probably be invited to send those in soon!)

And if you didn't contribute to the voice talent, there's another way you can participate! Ally Haert (Deputy Czarina of the radio play) is in charge of collecting DD Radio Play Artwork! Sign yourself up to draw a page from the play's script into comic format- a great chance to participate if you missed out on the tryouts!

Don't forget that VegaX is still looking for contributions to the Duck and Quail community comic! The site is changing over in a week, so now is a good time to reminisce or something, right?

Snevilly is still running a planning discussion for a community scavenger hunt type of project, so if you are interested in helping form that, please head over to that thread!



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