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MaxAxil interview, and Divine Leap conclusion

skoolmunkee at 11:04AM, March 6, 2011

Today we've got another new DD Member Interview! This time around, it's BffSatan interviewing MaxAxil of The Adventures of Random Epic! Here's a quick preview:

And of course your last comic is ‘Living with Dan and Stacey in Drunk Duck,’ a project that is sort of community-esque. What's the idea behind that?

Well I was reading more comics everyday in drunk duck when I saw a lot of comics that was involved the whole community. This gave me an idea of my own to make a comic that involved the comics and users to be staff of DD. It kept me a while but I finally got through with some idea's

Are you still looking for people to put in that comic?

Yes I am. Which is very hard since I have no idea who would want to appear in the comic with a bunch of other guys they don't know.
Looks like he's thinking about starting a community project or comic! I bet he could use some advice and suggestions, and people to participate!

Divine Leap by darrell has a double milestone! As of March 2nd, it has passed 450 pages AND has come to its conclusion! That's right, the comic has wrapped up. Not a bad time to check it out, because then you get to read the story in its entirety! (And planned, plotted endings are always a plus!)



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