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skoolmunkee's Wednesday Laff Revue

skoolmunkee at 3:21PM, March 16, 2011

Good evening ladies and germs! How are you all doing tonight? Me, I'm beat! I just flew in from Pittsburgh and boy are my arms tired! I'm gonna do my best to put on a good show for you tonight though, because I have a strong work ethic. That ethic is, don't work unless you need the money! And lemme tell you, I'm broke. I'm so broke that I got a call asking if I wanted to guest star on This Old House! Badum-tish

Speaking of special guests, I've got one for you right now! Let's get him up on stage right now shall we? Let's give him a hand, the stairs are kind of steep! He's a brave fellow for coming up on stage after me… I had Mexican for lunch! But really folks, here's itsjustaar of Keeping Up With Thursday, being interviewed by Armagedon!

5. Both comics do a very good job on focusing on character development. When working on the story, how do you approach your writing?

Every page that people see so far is me continuing from one page onto the other. There are moments in which I've written something down as to who comes in where, who does what when that happens, but I don't put any detail in it. As the comic itself is heavy moderation and alteration of things I've had on linear notes on the past, to make sure they stay as far, far away from notrious bad fan-fiction I've seen on the internet, I try to make sure everything is locked down on my brain. I have pretty bad OCD, y'see, and more often than not - I'll lose something or toss it away for fear that it'll never be liked. At all.

So all in all, I'm actually writing based off of memory, rather than putting down a script to make sure I remember. I keep things like a deviantArt and a FurAffinity as a spare chip on my shoulder in case I lose something, so that's something I can be very thankful for. I run my ideas through my best girl friend Sarah to see what works, and we toss some ideas back and forth to see if we're on the same page mentally, and then I go on to draw it.

Normally anyone would have forgotten those memories and moved on with their lives, but my house and computer are like a containment unit - I can still remember trivial things from years ago, if not the whole way back. It's helped me a lot on the comic.

That was great, just great! I even had time for a cocktail, how about you? You'll need more of them if you want to end this newspost laughing, that's what my wife tells me anyway! Oh hey, what do you get when SoulSymph upates Soul Symphony 100 times? A milestone! GET IT? Nyuk nyuk!

I've heard more laughs in coffin factory! Seriously, those coffin makers are a wild bunch. You know what else is funny? Nuclear power! Hey, speaking of that, I know a great joke about Fusion! So an EssayBee walks into a bar, and says "I've got 100 pages here…

No, no, I can see I have some elderly people in the audience, I won't finish that one. I'm sure you clever folks have figured out the joke though! Here, let me tell you this one instead:
Amya has reached its 100th page!

Amya is a high-fantasy graphic novel. The story follows the adventures of a mute spell-touched and her unlikely companions as they are pulled into an adventure that is greater than any of them could have anticipated; or ever expect to fulfill. Join the adventure of this unlikely group as they traverse a dangerous world in search of answers amidst a brewing war.
Hahahaha! Look I'm gonna wrap up here, it's big finale time! Really though I only put a dime in the meter, and there's a particular meter maid who's had it in for me since I double-parked on her with her sister. Women, I tell ya!

I've got nothing against couples though, take Doctor Shadow and Revaflynn there, yeah, hey! Wave hi! Their comic The Chronicles of Wyrden hits 350 pages tomorrow, aww, let's give them a hand folks! They're switching to a Thursday-only update schedule, but hey, that's still more updates than I get in a year!

Hey Doctor Shadow, don't forget to give me that ten bucks after the show! G'nite folks!



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