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SITE ISSUES UPDATE - Data restored, but no recent images. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO

skoolmunkee at 4:22PM, March 30, 2011

Although all info posted about this earlier today is now GONE, you can get a recap of the site issues earlier today here:

In short,
- A catastrophic failure by the hosting company meant that the site and backups were lost.
- The site was rolled back to January 13th, the last offsite update available.

- Wowio has since been able to restore all database files for DrunkDuck, dated from earlier today.
- Images and custom HTML uploaded to the site after Jan 13th are GONE. They are not coming back as far as anyone can tell at this point.

- The “structure” of your comic archives are there, with all authors comments, reader comments, forum posts, etc. The pages all work but the images themselves are all gone.
- Any changes you made to your custom html past Jan 13th, and any images you uploaded, are lost. You must reinstate them yourself.
- To retain reader comments on your archive pages, USE THE “EDIT” FEATURE to “update” the image. Deleting and re-uploading pages may be faster for some people, but then any comments would be lost.

Unfortunately Editing can only be done on a page-by-page basis, there is no automated function for it.

We realize this has been very frustrating for everyone and may still consume a lot of some peoples' time. The people at Wowio have worked very hard to get as much back as they can, and I'm personally very relieved to see that the basic structures, user comments and the forums have been saved!

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Fixing a page isn't actually all that hard, although pretty tedious.

Here's how to do that.

1. Select “My Account”, located under your profile picture.
2. Find the comic you wish to edit and press the “Edit” button next to it.
3. Select “2.Comic Pages”.
4. Select the first page you wish to edit and press the “Edit” button next to that.
5. Next to “Page Graphic:” you will find the option to reupload the artwork on this page. Upload the image that you wish to put into this page. This will preserve all the comments that have been left on that page.
6. Press “Send Changes”.

Repeat steps through 4 to 6 for every subsequent page.



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