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Mafia signups (apply if you want to be crazy!), lots of milestones!

skoolmunkee at 12:01PM, May 15, 2011

Sorry for not posting most of these last week- I held them back because I thought the site would be changing over it might be a bad time, but that seems to have not happened yet, so I should post them now!

First up, it's not too late to contribute to Quackcast 28 - Writers' Workshop! Neither of us consider ourselves “writers” so it would be great to get stuff from more experienced people!

Would you like to sign up for Mafia XXXII? YES OF COURSE! That's right! Another round of Mafia is in the forming, this one headed up by Zeph. The theme of this one is The Forgotten Year, where everyone is kind of crazy and hears voices and things:

Story: Do to an error by Same, the world advanced in time through an entire year, however nobody had any memories of what happened during that year, it was as if it never existed. They had all went to sleep on new years eve 2011, only to wake up on new years day 2013. The entire year of 2012 did not exist. The citizens of towns ton were boggled by this discovery. How could an entire year just vanish?
After the events of mafia 43, with the slaying of the Dark Lord BFF Satan by the legendary Hero Rokulily with guidance from the Vampire Hunter Zeph, and the Healing Sorceress Ochi. The forgotten year revealed itself, a massive gaping portal in the middle of town. It swirled backwards into town, clocks span backwards, calendars reattached their pages.
It looks like there's a lot of unique stuff in this one, and I'm getting a kind of 9 Hours 9 Doors 9 Whatever vibe here!

Genejoke's Malefic reaches 225 pages on Monday! JUST SAYIN'

Thanks to ninjas, toasters, stickmen, balls, fireballs, heads a whole lot of stuff that doesn't make much sense, Blue Strawberry reached the 75 pages milestone.
My favorite fictional flavour!

On te 10th (a couple days ago, sorry), Niccea's The Drunk Duck Mafia Comic reached page 600! Not even the IRS can stop it now! Muahahahaha

And JUST SO YOU KNOW, Xolta by arteestx has returned from its year and a half hiatus, and has hit page 350, and is now updating weekly!

The prolific Abt_Nihil has a double announcement! The featured comicHolon has reached 100 pages! And the community superhero project Heroes Alliance has reached 125 pages! Keep them coming! :D



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