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Happy Friday! It's a good day for milestones and contests I think!

skoolmunkee at 1:00AM, May 20, 2011

Macattack has flattered me shamelessly, so I have decided to include this in the newspost! Also he's hitting 100 pages today, so I would have announced this anyway! (But shameless flattery never hurts.)

My comic Surviving Older Schools (SOS) is about to hit 100 pages on Friday. As such I'm also wanting to host people's fan art so I can show off other's styles and credit their comics just as a thankyou back to the community that's hosted me this last year and a half now.
So, help him celebrate his 100th comic by sending him some fan art!

Character Creation Contest! There can be three winners (if someone applies for each ‘type’ of character available). The winner of those three separate contests within the contest will have their character eventually appear in my comics, Nectar of the Gods. My comic is a slice of life comic, the rest you the contestants must find out by reading my comic.

The three winners will also recieve concept art of their characters from me, including the runner-ups.

The contest will run for a decently long time so i can get a good amount of entries, details on the contest are here.

Gunwallace's Character Development reached 275 pages this week, and has just started its 40th episode!

and at 175 pages is Un Re Stop Comics by lagoticspy!

Whensdays, a whimsical comic from gene hole, has hit the big five-oh! Not the Hawaiian kind- the 50th comic kind!

And at 2 years old we've got Air Raid Robertson (by Air Raid Robertson). They grow up so fast!

Aaaand Insanity Untamed by Rain27 has reached 127 pages as of Wednesday! She says, “Pie shall be consumed in celebration as I dance with the ghosts that party on people's heads!” I don't want any head-ghosts! :[



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