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QUACKCAST Episode 52 - The DD 2011 Awards part 2

Ozoneocean at 9:30AM, Nov. 21, 2011

Here we are, ready for round two of the 2011 Drunk Duck Awards Quackcast! Niccea returns to preside over the announcing of the rest of the DD awards, including the most important ones like Best comic!

Listen to QUACKCAST Episode 52 - The DD 2011 Awards part 2

Topics and Show Notes

Featured Comics:
Eleanor -
Elsewhere -

The Drunk Duck Awards!
We announce all the rest of the awards and thank the participants.

Also mentioned:
Royduncan100 and houseofmuses 2011 Comic Awards -
Niccea, empress of the Awards -
Special thanks to all those who participated in the awards and helped with them, including:
El Cid -
Genejoke -
Banes -
Lopriest -
DaWaterRat -

-Sorry again for the sound quality people. My comp kept crashing with Niccea's recording unfortunately so I had to use my backup.



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