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mishi_hime, more DD Awards activity and participation, milestones!

skoolmunkee at 9:00AM, Sept. 2, 2011

ozoneocean says:

Mishi Hime is a true heroine of the HTML design forum. It’s not something that we’re doing at DD anymore, but for most of the years that Mishi was active on the site she tirelessly worked to create nice HTML templates to make sure people’s comics were presented in the best possible way! She did this not as a mod or admin user, just as a normal civilian member of DD helping out others here. She was always willing to solve issues people had using her template and answer any web design questions that people came to her with. We’re not using custom HTML templates now, but Mishi is really overdue for this message of thanks for her work with these.
See her comic here: Legend of Ryu Hime
and see her other work on Deviant art!

More goings-on on the DD Awards 2011 front! You can use this new FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION thread to nominate comics (including your own!) for awards! (list of awards available here)

In fact you should probably just check out the whole DD Awards forum because there's a lot of things going on - volunteers and judges are needed, the awards design, and various discussion!

And there's a milestone too!

Gunwallace says:

Utterly Rucked, the rugby/horror comic done with toys, has reached 100 pages, which means there's less than 50 pages of mayhem to go.



mishi_hime at 9:35PM, Sept. 3, 2011

Wat is this? lol. Hmmm well there is the possibility of further customization of the site with greasemonkey and friendly scripts. You never know what I might cook up in the future ;3

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