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usedbooks, Quackcast contribution call, BSP_Curt interview, milestones!

skoolmunkee at 5:41AM, Sept. 7, 2011

usedbooks has been around the site for some time, and it has been great to see her get more and more involved with the site. She's a wonderful example of someone who starts out by just dipping in a toe and gradually ending up swimming around in the deep end. She's formed friendships with many people and been a constant supporter of just about everyone. And we've got a quote here from someone who would like to remain anonymous, but I agree completely: She has at least two very popular comics, she joins in on many forum discussions, she is always reasonable and articulate with her criticisms, and she is Loyal TO THE MAX.

Be sure and check out usedbooks's new community project too: Pay It Forward!

We've got some more opportunities for you to send in something for the Quackcast! This week oz and I will be talking about non-traditional comics, and after that (though perhaps not the week immediately after) we'll have a show about cosplay! You can check this thread for details on how to send something in, and if you need some ideas about what you might want to say about non-traditional comics, there's a forum thread going!

Jazma Online has just done an interveiw with BSP_Curt, where they talked about the recently-featured Curse of the Black Terror and some of his other projects! Check it out!

lagoticspy's Pain Xavier Onetwo Goes Adventuring has reached page 25 as of Tuesday! It has also just finished up Chapter One!

And we've got 175 pages for Lite Bites, the featured community project run by Genejoke! And it's been running daily for nearly the whole time!



Genejoke at 11:27PM, Sept. 7, 2011

Yeah, good choice. Used books is often quietly supporting.

anonymous at 9:43AM, Sept. 7, 2011

An Excellent spotlight choice if I say so myself. btw: we're already friends, usedbooks.

usedbooks at 6:44AM, Sept. 7, 2011

Aw. Thanks, skoolmunkee. And thank you, anonymous. You can be my friend and share my legos and everything. :)

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