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ozoneocean at 6:00AM, April 5, 2012

Knox is a bad man. A very, verrrrrrrry baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man. A convicted serial killing psychopath with scientific pretensions is executed for his crimes… except, not really. People in the government share his ambition and obsession about trying to reanimate the dead, so he's given a new lease on life to carry on his ways, only different.
This is a psycho, serial killer comedy. It's exceptionally well drawn, a little reminiscent of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac in style. It's very monochromatic, traditionally drawn, highly characterised and stylised, often for emphasis or comic effect. The only other colour seems to be red, for blood.
The is a humour story comic, NOT recommended for children or the squeamish.
By lenoir85, rated M.

Read Knox.



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