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THURSDAY FEATURE --> Hellrazer the Series

ozoneocean at 4:00AM, Feb. 9, 2012

Rachel Strand has two very sharp, nasty bladed weapons on each hand. They're not just ordinary blades though, these are called “hellrazers”. Rachel is part vampire and hunts monsters and supervillians. Yeah, she's kind of a superhero; a superhero of the more brutal sort. She's a tough, uncompromising chick with some very sharp teeth! She even has a team she can call on to do some research on those crafty monsters for her so she can better work out how to fight them (reminded me a little of Buffy).
The first story is brightly colourful and darkly inked and the next phase is all pencil. This is a faintly Gothic yet traditional superhero comic. The violence is toned down though to stay within a T rating,
Rated T, written by Tommy Brownell, pencils and inks by Johnnie Johnson, colours and letters by Kent Clarke, created by Timothy Lackey.

Read Hellrazer the Series!



ozoneocean at 4:12AM, Feb. 10, 2012

No worries Tommy! I'm glad to be able to feature it!

TommyBrownell at 8:38PM, Feb. 9, 2012

Thank you! The Buffy similarities aren't completely coincidental...=) Johnnie and I are incredibly proud to be recognized like this!

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