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QUACKCAST Episode 65 - Men and Women in Tights

Ozoneocean at 3:30AM, Feb. 21, 2012


Banes and Ozoneocean round off the topic of superheroes, beating that wonderhorse to death well and truly. There's a lot of reminiscing here about ancient superhero pop-culture and along the way we discuss silver age and golden age comics, supervillains, second stringer superheroes and why the remain that way, the gender and culture appeal of some characters, evolution of superheroes towards realism and grit, then webcomic superheroes, especially those on DD, and then finish up with why we like superheroes. Sidekick Captain-Ozone continues to echo disturbingly from the void while the real hero, Ultra-Banes, continues to bring the humour. We decide that it all comes back to Superman and Batman, who are the ultimate prototypes for the two main types of superheroes: super, good, and perfect Vs normal, flawed, and human.

Topis and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
Docter Death Vs the Zombie -
Medieval Mayhem-

People discussing their theories:

- The_beav -
- El Cid-
- Kroatz -
- Skoolmunkee -
- Macattack -

Our What Happened While I Was Away players:
- Banes -
- Ayesinback-
- Ozoneocean -
- Rokulily -
- Gullas -
- Abt Nihil -
- Bravo1102 -

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