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More milestones, and a secret bonus announcement!

skoolmunkee at 8:53AM, Feb. 29, 2012

Lena by lenadventures has reached page 50!

DaWaterRat's Muse of a Knight reaches 175 pages on Friday, just in time to start a new chapter!

TKMGK by metsuke is 50 pages old, and that coincides with the birth of co-creator Obo Biber's (Gabe Ostley) son, Ren Ostley! Congrats! :D

from TommyBrownell:
HELLRAZER: THE CHRONICLES OF RACHEL STRAND celebrates its 50th Drunk Duck post with the cover of the new, ongoing series and the next step in the Hellrazer epic! Beginning on Friday, March 2nd, Rachel and crew - still rocked by the battle with Lilith - square off with a rampaging earth troll while Captain Nettles tears apart every nook and cranny in Babylon looking for a missing girl! Written and lettered by Tommy Brownell and drawn by Johnnie Johnson, HELLRAZER: THE CHRONICLES OF RACHEL STRAND #1 will take the webcomic through the spring and run until the end of May!

Webcomic page:
Hellrazer Facebook Page:
Equinox Comics site:



Obo Biber at 8:32PM, March 2, 2012

Hey! I just saw this now. Too busy burping and changing diapers. Thank you all!!

Banes at 9:30AM, Feb. 29, 2012

Congrats to all milestoners! And extra big congrats to Gabe for little Ren! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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