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Quackcast Episode 61 - SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, copyright and webcomics!

Ozoneocean at 2:51PM, Jan. 24, 2012


It's a rather dry Quackcast this week I'm afraid as I tackle a subject that has been very much in the news lately and a hot topic all over the net- and that is all the various proposed laws and trade agreements covering copyright, intellectual property and how they can possibly affect webcomics, webcomic hosting and online creative communities in general. My take on these things is a bit individual and editorial so I'm sorry for that, but I did do a modicum of research beforehand so it's not all opinion! We also have the 5th installant of our ongoing DD comedy soap with great voice acting by many clever people and once again featuring the brilliant editing skills of Banes. There's even some clever digs at copyright and IP!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comics:
Vora, Princess of the skies -
Do it yourself -

Links to extra information about the subjects discussed:

Forum threads on DD where people debate these matters:
- Have you tried to save the Internet today?
- Sopa, copyright, censorship?

Our What Happened While I Was Away players:
In order of appearance:
- Banes (our editor) -
- Gullas -
- ozoneocean -
- Pit Face -
- Skoolmunkee -
- Tantz Aerine -
- Nicky P -
- Ayesinback -
- Genejoke -

Please, PLEASE join in with the story! Insert yourself in there! And send us a recording of you reading part of it out!



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