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DD Award Nominations are now OPEN! (And some milestones!)

skoolmunkee at 3:05AM, July 2, 2012

It's time! Time to nominate your favorite comics to be considered for running in the DD Awards 2012! There's a goodish list of potential awards in a variety of categories, so there should be plenty of ideas going on in your head! And comic creators, now's the time to ask your readers to nominate you!

Users need to have a DD account to submit a nomination. The organizers would prefer if you filled out the submission form all at once (it makes tallying them easier) but you can do it in two or three goes if you need to- but please put a “2” or something after your username to make it easier on them. You've got a bit of time here, nominations are accepted until - so you can think on it if you need to!

Here's some links for you:
The nominations form:
You might have to copy/paste the link into your URL bar, clicking doesn't always seem to work.

The first of the “for your consideration” comics by creators, letting you know which awards they'd like to be considered for:
(just click “next” to start reading through them)

There are a couple of rules about nominations, but they're simple and listed at the top of that voting page!

Infinity Burger by jazzy has reached 175 pages this week! Keep servin' up comedy!

Kyupol's MAG-ISA has passed 575 pages (it's at 580 actually). Keep it up, Kyupol!

stubblemonkey's Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn has passed 175 pages (it's at 180 actually - what's with the 80s lately?) Here's a message from stubblemonkey:
“My webcomic Tales of the Sly Ditt Inn reaches issue 180 on Tuesday 3rd July which also happens to be the last strip in book one, called The Book of Cups. The strip has been running since New Year's day 2009 and it has taken 180 strips to finish the first ‘book’. There shall be guest art from a number of sources over the summer and then in the autumn I will start on book two, The Book of Wands. I think its well worth a read, well I would wouldn't I?”



Niccea at 11:10AM, July 2, 2012

And we still need volunteers...

Niccea at 7:19AM, July 2, 2012

if you take #gid=0 out of the link it works.

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