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DD Award tiebreakers, volunteers needed, and comic news!

skoolmunkee at 10:44AM, July 22, 2012

The DD Awards is having a tiebreaker vote! A couple of comics got the same amount of votes but they can't all be finalists… pop over to the following link (before the 25th) and make your picks!

And volunteers are still needed! There's lots of ways to volunteer- judging, presentation comics, and more! The awards go better when there's more people to help, and it's very near the time when that help will be needed!

The featured comic Lena by lendadventures has reached 125 pages!

And from houseofmuses:

Voices Against Bullying Anthology update!
Deadline extended to September 31, 2012! Been awhile since I set up an update on the Voices Against Bullying Anthology project! I’ve been busy on this end, but it’s moving along! Stories are coming in, and I’ve been receiving some of the preliminary artwork on the project.

Read more:



houseofmuses at 7:18PM, July 24, 2012

Anyone who contributes to the Voices Against Bullying Anthology has the opportunity to make royalties from their work!!! Click the link to find out how!!!

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