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Drunk Duck Awards - sign up to help!

skoolmunkee at 12:58PM, June 17, 2012

Drunk Duck Awards 2012 updates!

The For Your Consideration and Volunteer threads are up as of this weekend!

For Your Consideration: Do you think you deserve a coveted Drunk Duck Award? Tell us so here! Use this thread to let people know what award(s) you think your comic deserves. (If you make a pc, it goes into the comic.)

Volunteer Thread: What are you willing to do to get the awards off the ground? We need people for everything. There are some things that I can fill in the gaps for, but other things that I just need help with. These are the bigger areas where help is needed: Presenters, Judges, Extra Stuff

More information about what you can do to help is in those threads I linked - please consider helping, every little bit counts and the awards can only happen with the effort of the whole community!

from usedbooks:

Used Books will reach 1000 pages this Tuesday. I'd like to thank my readers for their encouragement and critique. And for anyone interested in Used Books but intimidated by the length of the thing (sorry it will only get longer), there are several resources (summaries, character bios, etc.) to let you jump in and start reading. I hope you can join me for the next thousand pages. ^_^



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