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THURSDAY FEATURE --> Adventures of Wristance

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, Oct. 25, 2012

Humour. Drama. Side Ponytail.
Wristance is a crazy character and definitely an interesting person. Between the drugs, clubbing, her funny friends and her insane ‘Voice of Reason" embodied in the form of a grinning speed addict fox, there’s a lot to love about and laugh at with Wristance! She's a pink haired, side ponytail wearing misfit. There's a LOT of humour here and some drama… hilarious drama. The art isn't always perfect, but it has an interesting style of its own and the great writing tops everything anyway!
Adventures of Wristance is a humour comic story, full digital colour, by Distance, rated M

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Distance E Larkins, Author of and artist of Adventures of Wristance, passed away a couple of days ago. It was suicide… she must have been in a very dark place. We feel for her and her family.

A fellow DDer and good friend says:
“My friend Distance has passed away, and she had a comic on DD called ‘The Adventures of Wristance’ that she was very proud of, and had managed to sell a first volume. She has always drawn comics and it was the first ‘proper’ one… and very auto biographical.
(It was) very well written. And she was very proud. It has a lot of who she is in it. You know her for real by reading it.”

Please suport the family by buying a copy



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