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skoolmunkee at 12:01AM, Sept. 24, 2012

Element Man is on the loose, and he's transforming his Emerald Eye amulet into a weather-controlling device (to be used for evil, I'm guessing). Something goes wrong and he himself is transformed into an elemental monster! The superteam of puzzling heroes have to stop him! Abracadiva soothes the savage storm, Olympus Man gets big and overly dramatic, Teutonic Titan threatens with patchy English and a sacred sword, Dreamweaver… does some hippie stuff. It's hard to tell this is a superhero parody sometimes! This comic is actually a ‘teaser,’ the rest of the comic is offsite, but it's definitely one for superhero comic fans to check out.

Read Zero's Heroes!



newhavencomics at 7:27PM, Sept. 24, 2012

Thanks for the feature!

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