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QUACKCAST Episode 120 - Kevin Hayman EXTRA

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, April 9, 2013


Kevin Hayman is STILL Owen Wilson. In Quackcast 120 we have the extra bits that were nice and funny and reasonably webcomic focused still so we made another Quackcast out of it! We had LOTs of fun.There was a bit of salacious gossip that we had to cut out and some swearing, so there are some weird little non-sequitur bits in there, sorry about that!Anyway, Kevin is the creator of Kota's World, Mailbox Rocketship and Errant Apprentice as well as the
the great pop-culture focussed podcast DTWC (drawing the wrong conclusions)!
Free comic book day at 3 Alarm comics on the 4th of May in Biloxi in Mississippi. If you’re in that part of Mississippi or Louisiana close to that area you should go on over and get some comics from there, meet Kevin and Zac who also does great comics and some pro Marvel and DC comic book artists as well!

Topics and Show Notes:

Featured comic:
Cat Nine Take Two -

Kevin Hayman links:
Famous for Kota’s world -
New version, Mailbox Rocketship comic -
Works on DWTC podcast -
Video of Kevin working on EA -
Errant Apprentice comic -
Errant Apprentice home site:

Banes, my pretty co-host -



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