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Featured comic -> The Adventures of Joe Bleak

skoolmunkee at 12:10AM, June 5, 2013

The comic's tagline is “This is Joe's life.” It's not a fun one- in The Foo Shoo Woman, he's a journalist in 1918, so there ought to be a lot for him to report on. However a world war is the last thing on his mind. His son has the Spanish Flu, and will soon be another casualty of the worldwide epidemic. In desperation Joe turns to the Foo Shoo woman, who knows things, and can help. But is it enough?
The next story, Dark Matter, has Joe in the era of water-coolers and e-mail chasing up a story about a perpetual motion machine in Minnesota. He's not interested in the story at all (though it seems there might be something odd going on) but it does give him a chance to catch up with an old friend…
by kenbastard, rated E

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