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The Newspost About Sandwiches

skoolmunkee at 12:01AM, March 4, 2013

So as part of the new newspost stuff, Monday is Munkee Day! I get to do WHATEVER I WANT in the newspost today…. and this Monday, what I want to do is talk about “If your comic had a sandwich, what would it be?”

So this is the Abby Sanders sandwich. The Sanders!

- It's marbled rye (because black and white)
- spicy grilled phoenix meat (for fantasy creatures)
- tomato (for squishy grossness)
- lettuce (for vital sandwich crunch)
- cranberry sauce (for ZING… because the comic has zingers…)
There's also coleslaw and cherry tomatoes and pickles, because sandwich sides.

So now it's your turn. Draw a sandwich of your comic! DRAWWWWWWW not just tell! Send me your drawing (PQs, or newspost replies, or something). Don't forget a description/explanation! All the submissions I get I will put in the Friday newspost!



Jamie59 at 7:56PM, March 4, 2013

I happen to like tomatoes on my sandwich.

The_D_Wrek at 11:20AM, March 4, 2013

Lol, interesting. I'll give this a shot. :)

Banes at 8:56AM, March 4, 2013


Ozoneocean at 1:14AM, March 4, 2013

tomato for squishy grossness ^____^

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