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FEATURED COMIC --> Clockwork Atrium

ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 6, 2013

Poor stupid, under-performing Dietrich, attending the prestigious University Riedstadt, he's going to have to do something extra special if he's to continue there. Chess is normally a non-contact sport played through inanimate pieces, not in this place. With students representing the pieces, Dietrich is about to learn for himself just what exactly this dark, violent game involves, and it terrifies him!
Clockwork Atrium is a digitally coloured drama horror story comic, with clever art, great characters and excellent pacing, by CZweig, rated T

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ozoneocean at 12:43AM, March 8, 2013

It's a lovely comic CZweig. I enjoyed reading it ^_^

CZweig at 11:14AM, March 7, 2013

OH MY GOD. ... well that was a shocker! I'm really thankful, somehow out of all the comics on here, mine seemed feature-worthy! Thank you very much! :)

theorah at 12:28AM, March 7, 2013

This is one of my favourite webcomics at the moment, it always keeps you on your toes in terms of plot. I had no idea it was running on DD! Well worth the feature!!

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