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Some soupy Sunday stuff.

Ozoneocean at 12:00AM, March 10, 2013
tags: Gaiman, Neil, News, Sunday

This news was brought to me by Aubrey Miranda of Odd Days.

It's your very last chance to get some artwork in for this!!!

Working with Neil Gaiman

What you do is read the story by Niel Gaiman at the link then draw your own picture and upload it there for all the world to see. Be a part of it. It looks really interesting. It looks like Monday 5pm is the latest you can do it till so you'd better get cracking!!!!



Ozoneocean at 12:42AM, March 11, 2013

You're right! Fixed now. There's still time!

PIT_FACE at 12:29PM, March 10, 2013

Link dont work, Oz homie!!

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